Sunday, July 19, 2015

#1483 the fixer upper: the work goes on

After a nice break from the fixer upper house in June, MT is back at work on the place. T has been helping him for the past couple of weeks, and they have done a lot of work! Here are some photos I took today:

living room

dining room


MT has painted the main living areas - the living room, dining room and  kitchen. All three rooms are the same color, a light grey. I really like the color and I think it looks good.

Since MT had to raise the floors in most of the rooms so the house would all be on one level, the windows now seem very low. MT and T raised the windows in two of the bedrooms (bedrooms 3 and 4, I call them). It made a big difference!

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

In bedroom 4, MT also put in the floor. You may remember that duct work was being done in this room and the floor was only half finished.  You can also see in the photo above how much the window was raised by the insert that was put in below the window. Nice job!

The other room that they started working on was the new master bathroom. It's kind of hard to tell what is going on in this photo, but I'm going to include it because someday it's going to be a nice bathroom and we will want to see it's humble beginnings.

future shower in master bathroom
Here's a photo of the master bedroom.

master bedroom
The bathroom used to be there on the right by where T is standing. MT broke through the wall (where I am standing to take the photo). The bathroom will now be on the east end of the room and the bedroom will actually gain a few feet of width. It will be a nice sized bedroom when they are done.

You can see that there is still a lot of work to be done. MT thinks it will take him around six more months. We would love to sell it when it's finished, if we can get the right price, but if not, we will rent it. I know that MT has really appreciated T's help with the house. I hope that T will continue to help him when he gets back from his trip to California.

Hope you all had a good weekend! Four day work-week for me this week because Friday is a state holiday here in Utah called Pioneer Day. I like July a lot because we have two holidays!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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