Sunday, July 26, 2015

#1490 the fixer upper: plumbing

There are no photos for today's post about the fixer upper. Since we had a three-day weekend, MT spent most of the time over -  there with a brief break to travel to Idaho for our nephew's (and new niece!) wedding reception.

MT has been working on the new bathroom. The house originally had two bathrooms: the main bathroom and an en suite bathroom. MT has torn out the en suite bathroom and expanded the bedroom. It will still include an en suite bathroom, but he has completely changed the location of it. I just realized I might be watching a little too much House Hunters. They always call the master bath an en suite bathroom. It's a bathroom that is private to the master bedroom.

Because he moved the location of the bathroom and laundry room, he had to put in all new plumbing. He had done plumbing in the past, but he has struggled with it at times. He watched a few videos online about a certain type of plumbing system, went to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought all the parts and put it together this weekend. He says it all went very smoothly and has plumbed both hot and cold water lines for the sink and the washing machine and maybe the shower and plumbed a cold water line for the toilet.

Have I mentioned that he is pretty amazing?

When I asked if there was anything for me to take photos of, he said, "Well, there's some pipes in the walls and I put the base floor down in the new bathroom. It's kind of hard to see the progress, but I'm pretty happy with what I got done."

Slowly but surely...

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