Saturday, July 25, 2015

#1489 family trivia

MT and I are going to a wedding reception this evening. Our nephew, Chris, married his long-time girlfriend, Dedra, and we are celebrating their marriage today!

A fun fact about Chris: he was born the day that MT and I met. We were both at the same bar, the First National in Pocatello. I was waiting for some friends and so was MT, I think. I sat next to him at the bar and we started talking. He said he was having a drink to celebrate the birth of his first nephew. I remember that he mentioned something about the baby having a big head. I also remember thinking that MT's name was "Maury". There was some loud music playing and I didn't hear it correctly. Still cracks me up.

And yes, I did meet my future husband in a bar when we were both in college. :)


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