Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#1492 three things!

Three is the magic number, so it's time again for THREE THINGS!

T is back! He has returned home from his summer adventure in the San Francisco area where he spent a week with some friends. He didn't have too much to say to me about it except that he enjoyed himself and he liked San Francisco. I'm glad that he is home. I missed his face :)

A new treat from Trader Joe's.  Kelsie, Nicole and I made a trip to Trader Joe's at lunch today. In addition to the stuff I usually buy (Ak Mak crackers, Mandarin orange chicken, a bottle of marinara, jars of salsa, etc) I bought a bar of Swiss dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts. I had a square of it after lunch today and, oh! It was so good! It's 3 PP per square, but the flavor is so satisfying and wonderful that it will be worth it some days.


I changed some of my Fitbit goals. My mom posted a comment on yesterday's post about the Fitbit. She said she was scared to use it. I told her by text today not to be scared. The results might be a little embarrassing. I'm frequently embarrassed by my laziness when I look at the Fitbit stats. I told her she should wear her Fitbit for a week or so and take a look at her averages and set her goals just a bit above her average. I thought that was such fantastic advice that I changed some of my goals on the device! I've had my Fitbit for almost 2 months and thought I'd accomplished some of the standard goals, I was falling short a lot of times, too. I changed my step goal to 9,200 and my distance goal to 4 miles. I looked at my daily averages and set my goals accordingly. I want to have some success and not always feel like I'm falling short. When I can meet my goals consistently, I'll increase it. I think it's a good plan.

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