Thursday, July 30, 2015

#1494 TBT with my sister

Do you ever have one of those days when you are thinking of someone and then they call you? It happened to me today. I was thinking about my sister during the day and this evening she called me. She sounded like she could use a hug. Since she lives about 750 miles away from me, it's not really possible for me to physically hug her today, so I guess this might be the next best thing. Actually, it looks like she is doing all the hugging in this photo, which is pretty normal. She just looks so dang cute in this photo that I couldn't resist it.

The photo was taken in March of 1992. Lizzie and some of her friends came to Pocatello for spring break from college and we drove up to Jackson, Wyoming. Here we are in the parking lot of Teton Village. I don't remember if we went into the village for lunch or what we did. From the looks of the parking lot, there was snow on the mountains and it was still ski season.

Love you Lizzie!