Monday, August 10, 2015

#1500 three things: babies, knee and blog

It is time for three things!

New babies in the world. I know there are lots of new babies in the world, but today one of my favorite people at work, Nicole, gave birth to her twins. Two little girls, born two minutes apart. No more calling them Baby A and Baby B, now they are Paige and Quinn. I haven't been to see them, but I've seen a couple of photos and the babies are completely precious. Congrats Nicole and Austin!

It's been three years since my knee replacement surgery. On August 13, 2012, I had my right knee joint totally replaced. I have full feeling back in the knee - for a long time, the outside part of the knee was numb and felt kind of like when your fingers are asleep and they tingle. When I shaved my legs, I had to be careful in that area because I could accidentally press too hard because I couldn't really feel it and then I'd bleed. But that's all gone now and it all feels fine. It's kind of strange because I can tell that it's not natural. The nurse told me that when I have the other knee done (and I will have the other one done) that it will feel more natural because they will both be, well, unnatural. They'll match, I guess. When will I have the left knee replaced? I'm hoping that I can get it done next year. In the past few months, the left knee has really started to bother me. I'm even considering going in for a cortisone shot before the end of the month. I'm holding off, though, until I absolutely can't take the pain anymore. I can feel it coming.

I've been writing here for eight years. 1,500 posts over the past eight years. I started writing this blog on July 29, 2007. That's a long time to be telling you about the little silly things that make up my life. Many, many times I have wondered why I keep writing here and I've often thought about stopping, but truthfully, I like it and it gives me an outlet to just write. I like to write. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this place to write. I mean, I keep a journal, but it's a lot easier to type than write long-hand :) Thanks for reading. It always surprises me when I look at the stats and see that people from all over the world have looked at something I have posted. It's even more surprising when someone posts a comment, whether it is one of my seven known readers or a total stranger. I really love it!


Pappy1 said...

I guess I am one of the seven. I don't always comment, but I loof forward the posts. To share your life this way is a reward for me. We keep in touch this way. There are other ways we use, but the blog gives us time to dwell on things and spend more time with you. A phone conversation is nice but sometimes we are distracted. Keep on writing.

emtes said...

I think I'm also one of the seven ;-)I don't comment on every post but I do read them and I love how you write and how I'm able to follow your day-to-day life especially since I'm so far away and can't see you as much as I want to.

Something I have wondered about and that you haven't written about in a while is the class you started taking to be guide or was it travelagent? Are you still at it?

I have been very bad this summer not writing as much but I have allowed myself being a bit "lazy" on the blogging and just put up some videos and then the long post about holiday that I wrote.

On Friday me and Jonas are going to have a Mother-Son Day which I'm really looking forward to. I take one day each summer and spend with my sons one at the time. Now that they are grown-up it's a way to spend quality time together.

Take care now and I send you and Tristan a big hug.
Love you
Aunt Mia
Give a hug to MT too although I haven't met him :-)