Monday, August 24, 2015

#1507 three things: movies, books and music

Let's talk about three things!

1. Movies.  I've been watching a lot of movies lately, mostly on DVD or on TV, either on the premium channels or regular cable. I haven't counted how many movies I've watched this month (yes, I make a list!) but it seems like a lot. Sometimes I just catch the last hour or so of a film and if it's one that I have enjoyed in the past, I'll watch what's left. That scenario happened tonight. I was making dinner and while it was in the oven, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels to find Legends of the Fall. It was on the part where Tristan goes to see Susannah when she is in her garden, then he goes home and falls in love with Isabel 2. In other words, it was toward the end of the movie, but we watched it anyway. Legends of the Fall is a meaningful movie (and book) in our house. MT and I thought about going out to a movie this weekend, but we never made it to the theater. Maybe this weekend.

2. Books. I've been reading a lot lately too and also buying books. I don't usually buy books, but when I do, I stick with the cheap e-books that are on sale from Barnes and Noble. I must be subconsciously stocking up for the trip next month. I certainly won't read everything I have purchased, but I have a nice variety I'm also racing through books from the library. I just finished a book last night and I could hardly wait to get home to see if any of my "wish list" books were available. What I like to do is go through the new and popular lists on the library e-book website, then I bookmark the ones I would like to read. When a book becomes available, it shows up as such on my list. Fun! I never know what is going to be there, but it's something I've already picked out, so I just go for it. Today I got The 100 Foot Journey (loved the movie!) and something about Oz, not sure of the title. I'm pretty sure it's a young adult book. I like those.

3. Music. I don't think I listen to music like other, perhaps more normal people. This thought came to me today as I was wandering through the office. Most people have one ear bud in while they work. I presume they are listening to music, but no one is humming or singing along or even mouthing the words. I don't see them bobbing their heads or tapping their toe or wiggling around to the beat. I do all of those things. It's probably a good thing I have an office. I'm sure I would drive my cubicle-mates nuts with my musical antics. All those music lovers in the office are probably just a lot more professional than I am. It's just that I cannot help myself. I sing along in the car. Almost anything can coax a line of a song out of me. I sometimes spontaneously begin to sing whether I am alone at home or in the breakroom at work. The only difference between the two places is the volume at which I sing. Today I thought I'd try to be mature in my music listening and I took my iPod outside during lunchtime. I put in my earbuds and pressed play. I tried to sit as still as I could and just listen, but it was practically impossible. My toe tapped. My head bobbed. I mouthed the words. I might even have made some sounds, but I was alone. I was born to sing. That's all there is to it! :)

I hope you all had a good start to the week. Talk to you in a couple of days!

PS - check out the 2015 Reading List page. I've been adding to it!

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