Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#1511 Spain mode!

After feeling like August would never end, it's finally September and the trip to Spain is now just days away instead of weeks. Technically, there is about a week and a half, but I know that the departure date will be here before I know it! There's some cool stuff happening in between the now and going to Spain, so that's how I know the time will pass quickly. Let's break it down:

Thursday = first Utah football game vs Michigan! I'm excited for football!!
Friday = Taylor Swift concert! T and I are going to see her and I'm psyched. I think it will be fun!
Saturday, Sunday, Monday = Labor Day weekend. I'll be making sure I have all the stuff I need for the trip. I might get a pedicure, too.
next Wednesday = meeting with T's school counselor about college applications and all that kind of stuff.
My work will be busy until I leave, too, so the days will go fast. Plus I'll need to be sure that my work will be covered as much as possible. It will all be fine.

I'm really excited about seeing Barcelona again. I want to see all the beautiful sites, and I know that my mom and my sister are doing a lot of research about cool things to see and do. I'm happy to be tagging along :)

I will try not to be too annoying with my trip preparations. No promises though!

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