Saturday, December 26, 2015

#1574 already thinking of next year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and loved ones. We enjoyed spending a couple of days in Pocatello with MT's family. As an extra bonus, we spent a bit of time with our oldest bestest friends Rob and LA this morning before we came back to Utah. It was all good :)

Now that Christmas is over, I'm already thinking about how I will be such a better person in 2016. HAHAHAHA Seriously, though, I totally love making resolutions, or maybe I what I love is the thought that I could make changes and be different and be better. The Almighty knows I have plenty of room to improve!

The past few years I have been doing a little practice called Unravelling the Year Ahead designed by a lady named Susannah Conway. Part of the practice is finding a word to guide you through the year - kind of a touchstone word. In 2015, my word was WORTH, as in "Know your worth" or  "Is it worth it?" or "Is that worthy of me?" My word was always in the back of my mind, but I feel like I may have lost track of my worth at the end of the year.

Next week, I'll be going through the exercise of finding my word for 2016 and then doing the Unravelling worksheet. Unravelling is fun because you look back at the past year, put it behind you and look ahead to the new year.

2016 is going to be epic for me. T will graduate from high school and start college. MT will turn 55. I will celebrate 50 years on Earth. 50!! I'm freaking out a little about it. 50 just seems so grown up. In my mind I have an image of what I think 50 looks like, and I don't look like that at all. Not necessarily physical looks, but that's part of it.  Aw, I don't know what I'm trying to say. Maybe the Unravelling process will help me define it. I'll let you know.

Two more posts to go in 2015. Talk to you Monday!

I finished this book! Check out the 2015 Reading List page.

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