Friday, January 1, 2016

#1577 hello new year!

Hello friends! Happy new year!

I have had a relaxing start to the year. MT and I have been hanging out at home, relaxing and now watching movies. I made a nice pork loin roast for lunch, then MT and I went to the theater to see Joy. Ugh. We didn't really like it. The only thing that made it watchable was Jennifer Lawrence. She is just fantastic and completely watch-able.

When we got home, we popped in the DVD of The Age of Adaline. I liked it. Blake Lively is very pretty and I like her hair and the clothes she wore in the movie (and in general). She's pretty spectacular.

Now, since we are in the mood for watching movies with blonde ladies, we are watching The Holiday. It is one of my most favorite shows. I love Kate Winslet. Jack Black is sweet in this movie.

I'm going to sign off now so I can watch the movie. Talk to you tomorrow :)

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