Friday, January 8, 2016

#1584 foodie Friday - beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is probably one of MT's favorite comfort foods. I don't remember my mom making it when I was a kid; I think MT made it for me way back in the day when I didn't really know how to make anything. He used one of those Schilling seasoning packets and put green peppers and mushrooms in the stroganoff. (I don't like the taste of green peppers at all!)

As I gradually took over the cooking duties, beef stroganoff made the rotation. It's easy and tasty. I eliminated the green peppers from my version, but I continued to use the seasoning packet. But now those days are over because I have found a wonderful made-from-scratch beef stroganoff recipe that is a winner!

I found the recipe through Pinterest of course. The only thing I did that was different from the recipe was that I omitted the white wine and that was only because I didn't have any white wine. I poured in a little of the beef broth and scraped up the browned bits - because that's where the flavor is! - then poured in the rest of the broth.

The sauce was thick, rich and beefy. I really liked how the noodles cooked with everything else. It tasted great last night and was even better today when I had some for lunch. I was wishing I had brought a much bigger serving. When MT got home this afternoon, he gobbled up all the rest of the leftovers. I know for certain I will be making this beef stroganoff again and probably pretty soon!

We have been focusing on eating home-cooked meals this week and cutting out getting take-out so often. Part of it is a health thing: when you cook at home you know what ingredients go into each dish and you are better able to control the salt content. Part of it is also a financial thing: it costs a lot to eat out all the time! Plus I think when you eat out a lot, the take-out sort of loses its allure. I get tired of all the places around here, even Atlantis Burger (my favorite local burger place.) The other night MT and I were out running some errands and we didn't get home until nearly 8PM. We decided to get some Atlantis Burger and bring it home. Oh my gosh! It tasted so good! It had been awhile since I've had it.

I think I mentioned the chicken enchilada skillet I made the other night, I think it was Wednesday. That was a good dinner, too. Tomorrow or Sunday I'm going to make some Swedish style meatballs. I know they won't be as good as my aunt Mia's meatballs, but I'm going to give it a try. Meatballs sound really good don't they? It seems like the meals I've been making have been rich and hearty. It's been cold here and hearty comfort food seems like just the right thing :)

Have a great weekend!

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emtes said...

That sounds nice with Swedish meatballs. Do you remember how I did them?
We also have had rather cold weather here and I love to make soups when it's cold.
But meatballs is also good and with mash.
I make meatloaf with mash yesterday and in my recipe it's almost like the meatball recipe except I add grated Vasterbotten cheese in the mixture and then I coat the meatloaf with bacon. That is also good :-)
Good luck with the meatballs :-)
Aunt Mia <3