Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#1597 three things: groceries, shoes and Glenn Frey

Hello! Happy February! I've got three things to talk about today, and I'll just say it - it's all random.

Free stuff at the grocery store. I went to the grocery store tonight. I usually go on Sunday, but I was a little lazy and didn't make it there that day. Tuesday night is a good time to go because there aren't as many people anyway. To make it even better, I got free stuff! I was in the meat department and the butcher came up to me and said, "Would you like some free ground beef?" Heck yeah I would! I was going to buy some ground beef anyway! SCORE!!

Next I went to the deli counter. There were a couple of people ahead of me and the deli guy said he'd be right with me and I told him I was in no hurry. I just stood there looking around and making sure I had everything on my list. It didn't take long for the deli guy to come over and help me. I ordered some ham and we chatted. He said, "I really appreciate your patience tonight, so this ham is on the house." WHAT?!? How cool is that?

Thanks Smith's on 5600 West and 4100 South. You made my day! I will be sure to fill out your customer service online survey. :)

My problem with shoes. I have written a few times about my problem with shoes. I have a hard time finding the right size and I don't think shoes are comfortable anyway so I don't have very many pairs of shoes because when I do find some that fit and that are comfortable, I just wear the heck out of them. Today, though, I thought I would wear a pair of shoes that I like the look of but that I haven't worn for awhile. Now I remember why I haven't worn them for awhile: they hurt my left big toe. I know it sounds strange, but for some reason, the big toe on my left foot gets jammed in this shoe. The toe is right at the end of the shoe and it's just not comfortable. PLUS, because I haven't worn these shoes for awhile, my feet really hurt after eight or nine hours. And it's not like they are shoes with high heels - they are Doc Martens for God's sake.

Once upon a time I had the greatest pair of Doc Martens ever. I bought them for the Olympics in 2002 when I was a volunteer and they were comfortable and looked good and I wore the living heck out of those shoes until they practically fell apart. That's when I replaced them with the Docs I wore today, although these current shoes are a different style. Not as great, for sure.

Shoes make me sad. I want to wear cute shoes, like ballet flats or cool boots, but it just never works out for me.

RIP Glenn Frey. I know it's been almost two weeks since Glenn Frey passed away, but I didn't have the chance to discuss it here, so I'm going to take the opportunity right now. Glenn Frey was one of the founding members of the music group the Eagles. I really love the Eagles. Hotel California is one of my favorite all time albums. I'm more of a Don Henley girl, but I know there would be no Eagles without Glenn. Don and Glenn wrote most of the Eagles' biggest hits and their vocal harmonies still send chills up my spine. MT and I were lucky enough to see the Eagles in concert several times over the years and we even got to have a beer with Glenn Frey at a bar here in SLC once after an Eagles concert. Okay, we weren't actually sitting with Glenn shooting the breeze with him, but he was in the bar at the same time we were and I could see him very clearly sitting just right over there. (heehee)

Anyway, while we were on the cruise, we were at one of the evening shows. The performers were the Tenors of Rock.  (BTW, there were only three Tenors on the ship. Where were the other two?) They were talking about American music and mentioned the Eagles. Then the singer said that they wanted to dedicate the next song to Glenn Frey who had passed away earlier in the day. Since I hadn't been on the internet that day, I didn't know about it, and I was slammed by the news. I knew that Glenn was ill because the Eagles were supposed to be Kennedy Center honorees in December, but the band did not attend because of Glenn's illness.

The Tenors of Rock performed Desperado, and I wept.  I tried to keep it in, but my eyes were watering and my throat was all tight and then I sobbed a little. I was just so sad about it. First David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, then Glenn Frey. It was just too much. My throat is all tight right now thinking about it.

You know last Saturday when I wrote that I had been watching TV and didn't have time to write? Well, I was watching an Eagles documentary, The History of the Eagles, on CNN. We watched both parts one and two. If you are a fan of the band, I highly recommend watching this movie. Part one is especially good. It just really underscored the loss of Glenn Frey for me. He was only 67.

Rest in peace Glenn Frey and thank you for the music.

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