Thursday, February 4, 2016

#1598 throwback Thursday - musicians in Mazatlan

I was looking at photos to share for Throwback Thursday and this photo of MT made me smile because it was such a funny moment. I've probably written about it before, but it's worth retelling.

This photo is from the cruise we took in 2009. We went to the Mexican Rivera along the Pacific coast. Our second port was Mazatlan. We went to a small island close to the cruise ship terminal - I think it was called Stone Island. We had a fun time riding an ATV on the beach and just relaxing in beach chairs and a hammock in front of a bar/restaurant that was hosting our excursion. Lunch was included in the excursion, so we were sitting down to eat when a trio of Mexican musicians started playing and wandering from table to table.

When the musicians started playing and singing, I remember MT saying, "I hope they don't come over here. Don't look at them! I don't want them by me!" I was looking at him, not at the musicians, but they came over anyway and started to sing. They might have played La Bamba. MT gave me the look and I clicked the photo and it makes me smile all these years later.

I think we gave the musicians a few dollars when they were finished with the song and they moved on, to MT's relief. It was pure vacation awesomeness.