Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#1612 I'm ill so I binge-watch TV

Two months are in the books for 2016. Something tells me this year will go by quickly, even though February seemed like it crawled by in the slowest way possible. I've always felt that way about February though. It's the shortest month, but it seems to drag by.

The month of March isn't starting off all that well for me. I have a cold. It came on yesterday when I woke up with a sore throat, a pounding headache, a stuffy nose and an aching back. I think that maybe when I was so sick in October and November that my immunity system was weakened and I can't fight the common bugs like I should. Plus I didn't have a flu shot this year because the flu shot people came to my work in October when I was sick and they wouldn't give me one and I just haven't gotten a shot. When I feel better, I will go to Walgreens and get a shot. My mom tells me it's not too late to have one.

I stayed home from work today. It was much easier to be horizontal than to be upright. I took cold medicine and slept and watched TV. I've been watching a couple of shows on Netflix: the first seasons of American Horror Story and Gilmore Girls.

Why American Horror Story? I'm not really sure, except that I heard a lot of buzz about it and I thought it would be interesting. I've watched six episodes of the twelve episode season. I'm pretty sure I'll watch the whole season. I wouldn't say that I've necessarily been scared by the episodes, but it is unsettling and I haven't watched any of the shows when it is dark. :)

I find myself talking to the TV, saying things like, "Don't do that Violet," or "Damn, he's dead," or "Don't go in the basement, dummy!" and the occasional "YIKES!!"  I can only watch a couple of episodes in a row before I need a break.

Gilmore Girls is much more watchable and I can easily watch three or four episodes in a row. I've watched 15 of 21 episodes from Season 1. The show is kind of like a favorite chick lit book series that you look forward to reading. There are nice good characters that you want to hang out with and characters that are not as nice and you try to figure out why they have such a stick up their bum. I find myself wondering if Paris and Rory will become best friends and when Lorelai will start going out with Luke. Will I ever develop a fondness for Emily, Lorelai's mom? She's so uppity. Will Sookie and Jackson get married and have babies? They should. My sister Lizzie told me about GG and it has been fun to watch.

Now it is time to take some night-time cold medicine so I can get some sleep and get myself to work tomorrow. I don't like not going to work, but I also don't think it is right to go to the office when your face is leaking and you are coughing and unable to keep your head in upright position because a it feels like a vice-grip is squeezing your brain while the drummers from Mad Max Fury Road pound on the drums inside your head. 

That's all for today. Happy March, everyone!

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