Friday, April 22, 2016

#1652 RIP Prince

Man, another momentous loss in the music world. If Merle Haggard's music was part of the soundtrack of my childhood, Prince's music played a huge part in my late teenage years soundtrack from high school through college. I can't count how many times I watched the movie Purple Rain or played that album. It's classic. Every song is fantastic. I can't even fathom how many times I danced to Prince songs at the bars through college. His music was must-get-up-and-dance-right-now shit.

Prince didn't look or sound like anyone else. He was funky. His skills with a guitar were astounding. He was an amazing musician and performer. I saw him in concert here in SLC in the early 2000s. What I remember most about the show was how electrifying it was to watch him and how small he was. I always said after that show that I wanted to put him in my pocket and he would be my little purple pal.

When the news alert popped up on my phone about the police investigating a death at Prince's estate, I was sure that Prince was fine. It had to be someone else. He probably had friends or family there. My sister texted me that Prince had died and I told her there was no way. Within a couple of minutes, though, the news was all over social media and reputable news sources and that's when I started to cry. No, I didn't know him. No, I hadn't even listened to a Prince song for awhile, but that doesn't matter. When you grow up listening to the music and the music forms and shapes who you are, the person who makes the music is an important part of your life. And so I cried for Prince and for that special part of my life that he affected. There were so many tweets and stories from people who feel the same way I do. The dude was legendary. A musical genius. A huge loss to the music world.

Rest in peace Prince.

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