Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#1660 new music

I'm a little late in writing tonight because I decided that I needed to homeshare with T since he spends a lot of his money on music. That's what teenagers are supposed to do. I bought a lot of music when I was his age. I'm sure you've heard that both Drake and Beyonce came out with new albums recently. Yesterday when we were driving around, T and I listened to the new Drake record. There are some good/great songs there. We listened to One Dance around seven times, I'd say. It's freakin' catchy and has a great beat.

I got both of those songs from T. I bought a couple of songs from iTunes. There's a new song by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna that sounds good. I'll be happy to listen to it all the way through. The main song I really wanted to buy is a song that is probably my favorite song right now. It's called Cake by the Ocean by DNCE. This song gets in my brain and won't let go.

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure. This is a live performance from Ellen. You're welcome :)

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Lizzie Wann said...

I have never heard that song.