Saturday, May 14, 2016

#1670 busy Saturday

Today I was busy. Here's what I did:

7am spinning class

8am WW meeting (I was up .2 lb)

came home for breakfast and shower

11am hair appointment - but my appointment was actually for noon but I misread my note or I subconsciously changed the appointment to 11 in my head so I would make it up to RBG by 1. Either way, it worked out because Lanna was able to get me in at 11 so it was all good.

1:30pm volunteer time at Red Butte Garden - I was supposed to be there at 1pm, but we ran a little late at the hair place.

3pm walk around RBG because I can and I love it.

5pm pick up carnitas for dinner at Rancho Market

5:30pm get home, think about watching Ghost Adventures, but I've already seen the episodes so I pick up where I left off last Sunday with Gilmore Girls. MT gets home and we eat the carnitas and watch Gilmore Girls (maybe five episodes or so; it's addictive!) until I decide to take a minute to get off the couch, turn on my computer and write this nonsense.

At 10:30 I'm going to watch Saturday Night Live. Drake is the host and musical guest. I may or may not have a little crush on Drake. Really, who doesn't? He's great.

Tomorrow I've got to do chores around the house, but I'm gonna take it at a leisurely pace. After all, it's my day off :)

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