Thursday, May 19, 2016

#1675 a real book wouldn't do that

I've been reading two books at the same time and yesterday I decided to focus on one book and get it finished. I read last night when commercials were on during Survivor. I stayed up as late as I could keep my eyes open and read some more last night in bed. I read this morning before work. I read in the drive-up window lane at the fast food joint where I got lunch. I was down to about 40 pages when I finally sat down at a picnic table on the patio at work.

It was such a gorgeous afternoon. There was a light breeze, the temperature was in the mid-70s and the sun was warm on my back. I had my quesadilla in front of me, slightly greasy/oily and perfectly delicious. I had an ice cold Diet Coke. I had my Nook. I was ready to finish the book!

I gleefully opened the cover of my Nook. I pressed the Nook button and was instructed to slide my finger to the right to unlock the device. I slid my finger to the right. Nothing happened. This has happened before. My skin is really dry, so I ran my finger along the outside of the cup of Diet Coke. There was a little condensation there, just enough to moisten my fingertip. (I know. I just used the "m" word. Ew.) I slid my finger to the right on the Nook again. Still nothing. I tried again and again and again. Nothing.

I tried powering the device off. It wouldn't even do that. It was frozen. I tried rebooting it manually by holding down the Nook button and the power button at the same time. It flickered and I thought it was going to work, but no. I wanted to fling the damn thing across the patio. Time was wasting, my quesadilla was calling me and I wanted to read!

I repeated the entire process, stopping for bites of greasy wonderful quesadilla. Still nothing. In the end, I finished my lunch and went back into the office feeling slightly queasy from all the cheese and sad because my book didn't work.

I would not have had this problem with a real book. You can always open a real book to the page where you left off and just begin reading. Sometimes these eReaders are so temperamental.

When I got back into the building, I tried to unlock the Nook again. What do you think happened? That's right! It opened right up. Damn thing.

I told this story to my "friend" Kelsie. She sat at her desk and listened quietly while I ranted about not being able to finish the book during my lunch time and how I felt kind of deprived and how it would have to be finished later tonight because I was going to RBG after work and how I'd become so reliant on my eReaders but a real book would never let you down.

When I was done, practically panting at the injustice of it all, she said quietly, "I have two thoughts for you." She went over to the white board hanging in her office and wrote this:

Pretty much says it all, right?

But look here:

I finished this book! Check out the 2016 Reading List page.

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