Friday, May 20, 2016

#1676 hacked

This morning I decided to check my bank account, so I pulled up the website on the computer. The balance looked about right, but I decided to review the transactions to make sure there wasn't anything that I didn't know about. It was a little unusual; I usually look at my account once a week or so when I'm paying bills.

It's a good thing I looked.

There were nine charges to a Pay Pal account with the notation U.S. Postal Service. The amounts were small, but nine charges? I texted T to make sure he hadn't purchased something and forgot to tell me. He didn't. While I was texting with him, I looked at the account some more and there were three other transactions from a couple of days ago to the same account.

I called the bank right away and let them know something was wrong. I was transferred to the fraud department where my card was immediately blocked. The charges are under investigation now.

GRRR! It's so upsetting. Why are there such crappy people in the world who steal and hack? What makes someone think, "Hmmm. There's a saw in the back of that truck. I'm gonna take it," or "I'm going to run some charges on this card number that I hacked into and see what I can get out of it." Who does that? What's the deal? I really hate that kind of thing.

Generally I believe that people are good, but sometimes my faith is shaken.

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emtes said...

I totally agree with you! I don't understand the ones doing these things whether it's taking a car, a saw in a car or your money.
Most of them doing these scams on internet seems to be very clever. I couldn't for my life do or understand how they do it. If they could use this for legal work they would really contribute to society but no they do their dirty work :-(

I know exactly what you're going through since the same happened to me about 6 months after I have returned to Sweden after my last visit to LM. Suddenly I had these strange buys in the LA area. So I called my bank and told them I had been there but weren't now. They said they had the most trouble with these scams from USA and Mexico (!). They investigated it and then the money was put back on my account, of course afte I had a new card.

I hope everything gets solved and that you can enjoy Tristan's graduation on Friday. I would love to see photos from the event because it's very different from what we have here I think.

Love you and send you big hugs
Aunt Mia :-)