Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#1687 last day of vacation

In today's adventures, Dad probably over-did it a bit yesterday and was tired and had some other problems overnight, but in general seemed okay. Because my parents didn't get very good sleep, my mom was tired and tripped on a tall curb and hit her arm on a sign. She has a big bruise on her arm. Lizzie's leg feels a little better. T got home from Lake Powell with a sunburn on his back and shoulders and he misplaced the two sleeping bags he took with him. MT and I are both fine.

My first family will be heading back to California tomorrow. I am glad they were here for the week. Each day was interesting - we had a lot going on every day. We knew the trip would be challenging in some ways, and it definitely was :) The important thing was that on Friday, T's graduation day, everything was wonderful.

For me, I'll be back to the office tomorrow after I see my family off at the airport.

That's it for May! Talk to you in a couple of days!!

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Kteach said...

We loved being there for T's graduation! We had a couple mishaps during our stay but on his day it was all good :)
Loved the garden too. And being back in Sandy's house in Utah :) Love you all.