Monday, May 30, 2016

#1686 a very nice day

Dad was feeling much better today. Mom was feeling well, too. Lizzie was feeling a little sore. MT was working on the fixer. T was still at Lake Powell with his friends. I spent some time cooking chili verde today and I took my parents to Red Butte Garden!

Lizzie decided to stay home and rest the hamstring, so the folks and I headed up to RBG. I was excited to show them one of my favorite places in the city. The weather today was gorgeous: a real Chamber of Commerce kind of day. The temperature was mild, the breeze was minimal, and the the skies were bright blue. It was perfect.

My favorite thing was when they walked out of the visitor center and into the courtyard. They both stopped, looked around and said, "OOOH!" I pointed out some different plants and trees and then to the wisteria arbor and Dad said that's where he wanted to go. The arbor is up a slight hill; well, slight to me but a bit steeper to a dude pushing a walker. We took our time and made it to the bench in the shade of the wisteria. It smelled so nice and there was such a pretty view of the herb garden on one side and the path on the other.

Mom wanted to see the Children's Garden and the herb gardens so I walked around with her while Dad hung out on the bench. Just about the time we were heading into the final herb garden (where Dad was) he called to let us know he was ready to go. I thought it was a really nice outing for the three of us and it was nice for Lizzie to have a little quiet time to rest also.

Tonight we ate dinner at my house. I made chili verde that I served with tortillas, chips and guacamole, rice and various fixin's. It all turned out well. As usual, I overate and feel a bit icky now. We also used tonight to celebrate my birthday since my folks and sister will already be back in CA on my actual b-day. My sister gave me an incredible book of her poems that are inspired by the family. I sort of sobbed as I looked through it. My mom and dad gave me a cute card with some cash in it - $50 of course! - and an amazing necklace. I felt spoiled and loved!! <3 p="">
To finish off the night, we watched Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Dad and Lizzie were rooting for the Thunder; MT and I were pulling for the Warriors. I actually like both teams and would have been happy either way. I just think that the Warriors need to win the whole shebang to top off their amazing record season. You can't have the NBA record for most regular season wins and not win the title.

Now Mom and Dad are back at the hotel. Lizzie is getting ready for bed. MT is already asleep. T is on his way home and I think it's time for this girl to get up to bed, too.

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