Sunday, August 7, 2016

#1733 awesome weekend with my BFF

You will please forgive me for not writing yesterday. My BFF LA came down for a visit and we were very busy having lots of fun. :)

She got here late Saturday morning and we started out by having some lunch at Corner Bakery. From there, we went up the hill to Red Butte Garden. I had my regular docent duty and LA sat with me. We had a pleasant chat and enjoyed talking to some of the visitors, including a family of four that was from Europe.  I didn't find out where they were from though. After the docent shift, LA and I walked around the garden. I had fun pointing out some of my favorite plants and trees to my friend.

On Saturday evening LA and I went to the Salt Lake Bees baseball game. We had nice seats behind home plate. It was a beautiful evening. The ballpark was pretty full and there was some good energy in the park. An interesting thing is that the family we chatted with at RBG were also at the ball game. In fact, they were sitting in the same section we were sitting in, just several rows down from us. We didn't talk to them though, but we thought it was fun that we spotted them again. I hope they enjoyed their day in SLC!

This morning we decided to go to the Living Planet Aquarium. I had been to the Aquarium many years ago when it was downtown at the Gateway, but hadn't been there since it moved out to Draper. I thought the aquarium was awesome! The exhibits were all fantastic, very well presented and beautiful. There are lots and lots of fish. There are also birds and snakes and bugs. There are otters and penguins and sharks. There are turtles and frogs. There's even a leopard. He's not really an aquarium creature, but he's very pretty.

My favorite area was called Ocean Exploration (I think). There is a water tunnel so the you walk through the tunnel and the critters swim around and over you. There was a big green sea turtle in the exhibit. I love sea turtles. I was watching the turtle swim and he came right over to where I was standing and hovered right in front of me. It was completely awesome!! (You can check out a photo on Instagram at sandrak03.)

Looking at all those fish made us hungry...for fish and chips. I know it sounds so messed up! We had lunch at a great Salt Lake restaurant, Market Street Grill. We both had the halibut fish and chips and they were delicious!

After lunch LA headed back to Pocatello and I watched some Olympics. I've pretty much been glued to the TV all afternoon. MT has come back home. He was at the cabin in Soda Springs this weekend. T is home now too. He's been hanging out with his friends all weekend, too. I'm glad everyone is home.

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Kteach said...

You're forgiven :)
I thought the picture of the turtle was one of your vacation pictures!