Thursday, August 4, 2016

#1732 a new pillow and rethinking the Fitbit

For awhile now I have been having trouble sleeping. There are some nights when I feel really tired and I get in bed and my eyes just start to close when POP! They snap right back open and there's not getting them closed. I can think of a number of reasons why sometimes I don't get all the sleep I need, but I don't think I'll go through all of them here, but for sure there are "things".

After a particularly bad night, I texted my mom and sister to tell them my story and get a little sympathy, which they very kindly gave me. Then Mom suggested that I get a new pillow. It's true that I've had my pillow for awhile and it was a cheap one from Target. The pillow is all lumpy because I bunch it up and stuff it under my head and squeeze it and generally abuse it. It's flat in the middle and full of stuffing on the sides. Mom suggested a pillow from this place, Coop Home Goods so I checked it out.

$52.99 for a pillow? Are you kidding me? I think I paid $6 for my pillow from Target. Oh yeah. I know what that got me, but still. $53?!?! Fortunately, the Coop Home Goods pillow is sold from and I had a gift card from Amazon, so that pillow became my birthday present. Thanks Mia!

I got the pillow yesterday. I'd watched the video to learn the proper prepping technique, so I adjusted it and had it all ready for when it was bedtime last night. Here's what I know: it is a lot more puffy than my old $6 pillow. It squishes down, but when I change positions, it puffs right back up. It was a little smelly (memory foam-ish) but I put a little lavender oil on my hands and rubbed it on the pillow, so that was nice. I slept pretty well except that I kept trying to scrunch the pillow up like I did my old pillow but the new pillow was very resistant to my scrunching.

When my alarm went off, I woke up quickly and I thought I had slept pretty well. Then I looked at my Fitbit's analysis of my sleep and I was annoyed.

You see, I wear the Fitbit to sleep and it tells me when I went to sleep, when I woke up, how many times I was awake through the night and how many times I was "restless". I don't even know how it judges restlessness. By how many times I turn over or adjust my arms and/or legs? Whenever I am awake or restless, it takes minutes off my total sleep time. So last night it said I slept from 10:30 to around 6:00. That would be about seven and a half hours which is great for me. But with the awake time and the restless time, Fitbit said I only slept about six hours and fifteen minutes. Suddenly, I was tired.

To recap: I wake up and I feel good and rested. I think I have slept about seven and half hours. I'm happy. I sync my Fitbit. It says I woke up three times (I only remember waking up once) and that I was restless and that I slept 75 minutes less than I think I did. After learning that, I don't feel good and rested anymore. Solution: I'm not wearing the damn Fitbit to bed anymore!

I think I will be fine without it. I never slept with a watch before and my wrist can use the break. I like the Fitbit a whole bunch, but I think it is adding to my sleep neurosis. I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, T is home from his visit to my parent's house. I picked him up yesterday evening. He ate dinner here at home and I haven't seen him since. He went to hang out with friends and stayed over there. Tonight he is at the Diplo concert downtown. I don't know if he's planning on coming home tonight or not. It's weird, but I'm getting used to it I guess.

You might be wondering what MT is up to now that he isn't spending all his time at the fixer. I'll tell you. He's looking for another house to purchase either as a rental or a flip and he has several contractor jobs lined up. He's been getting a lot of word-of-mouth business from a couple of other contractors that he has worked with and his clients seem to like what he is doing. I know that MT really likes it too. Maybe he has found his calling.

That's all I got for tonight! Time to get ready for bed. Look out I come!


Kteach said...

I'm getting pretty used to my pilloow by now I think :)

emtes said...

Glad that you bought something that makes you sleep well and wake up rested.
I also use the Fitbit at night to log my sleep and I know I wake up every time I turn because it hurt so much but it doesn't bother me. And like you I might have had 7 hours in bed but is just "clocked" for maybe 6,15.
I have seen my sleep pattern now for a long time and since I feel OK I don't bother anymore. But it's good to have seen it because then I can see when the pattern changes and then I worry.
But Fitbit is good to really keep you on your track. I have set a goal at at least 7000 steps a day and I achieve that almost every day (except when I have major inflammations and can't walk) and often over that when I'm good (10-12000 steps)
Did you sell the fixer upper? Maybe you have written that but I have forgot, sorry.
Happy to hear that MT has found his calling.
I hope you are allright. You have to give T a hug from me and I send you big hugs.
Love you,
Mia :-)