Sunday, July 31, 2016

#1731 an evening at RBG

If anyone were to ask me when the best time to visit Red Butte Garden is, I would say this:

Go on a week night, not Monday though, around 7PM. If the sky is a little overcast, so much the better. You will basically have the place to yourself. You'll see the most garden critters. If you want to bring a picnic for dinner, it's easy to find a table in a secluded cut-away. There are usually gardeners working around the garden, so if you have questions, it's easy to ask and get a real answer.

I decided to go up to the garden tonight after work to do the bloom recording in the Children's Garden. I think I saw about six people at various times in that area. I saw more squirrels than I saw people. There were lots of bees buzzing around and some butterflies. I saw lots of little birds including a whole family of quail. This isn't a great photo, because I don't like to get too close to the quail. They are skittish and want to attack me. But look:

There are eight babies there plus the mom and dad quail. How cute is that?! When I came around the bend on the Dumke Floral Walk, I saw the dad. He looked at me and made a noise and I heard a bunch of scurrying into the trees. I stayed really still, then they all came out, walking quickly along the path. I stayed right where I was and they eventually came out onto the path where I quietly took some photos.

There was an event in the Rose Garden tonight, but other than that, the garden was pretty quiet. I walked around the whole place and ended up in the terrace gardens, talking to some volunteers who were helping the gardeners. They were weeding and thinning out some of the plants. Right now most of the garden is just green. There are some flowers, but not like in late spring/early summer. I mentioned to the other volunteers that I was surprised there weren't more people there this evening. The temperature was in the 90s but it felt nice up there. I could feel a breeze and with the cloud cover, I was really comfortable.

Plus I took these cool photos:

I took this one when I arrived. I like the sunflower in the foreground and the rainclouds out over the lake.

This was my IG pic of the day:

That's Antelope Island out in the Great Salt Lake. I like this photo.

Last time I wrote was Sunday before MT and I went to RBG to see Gary Clark Jr. in concert. I have to tell you that it was really fun. Clark is a rock/blues musician. The dude can play the guitar and I like his voice too. MT and I were able to get a nice spot to sit. I brought a blanket for us to sit on and we had some beers in a little cooler. My plan was to get sandwiches to bring with us, but both places I had in mind were closed (it was Sunday) so we got sandwiches there. The spot where we were sitting was in the sun, but it soon went behind a tree and we were shaded and comfortable. We were sitting next to a nice couple from Park City who had their eight week old baby girl with them. What a good baby. The music was loud but not deafening. We weren't close to the stage or the speakers, so the baby didn't even cry. She ate and napped. So sweet.

Gary Clark Jr. had the crowd into his show, but it was still really mellow and laid-back and damn pleasant.  He played for a couple of hours. I think he actually played for longer than he intended. It was awesome.

We have tickets to another show there later this month. I'm going to bring a picnic with fun eats from Trader Joe's, beer and water. We are planning to try to get the same place to sit because it was good.

T comes home tomorrow! I know that he has been having a good time hanging out with his grandparents, but I'm sure he missed hanging out with his friends. There's only a few more weeks until school starts.

Talk to you on Thursday!

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