Sunday, July 31, 2016

#1730 July was entertaining

This evening MT and I are going to a concert at Red Butte Garden. We will be seeing Gary Clark Jr. I don't know too much about the artist, but his music is guitar-based and kind of rock/blues. I bought a couple of his CDs and I think we will like the show. I got the tickets for MT's birthday. RBG is a pretty small venue, only holds about 3,000 people. It's an outdoor amphitheater. You bring a blanket and a cooler and enjoy the music. It's warm/hot here today (again!) but I think it will be fun. We are going to take sandwiches and a couple of beers. Looking forward to the show!

July has been a fun month. I have kept myself entertained by doing lots of different things. I went for a couple of bike rides. I've been to the gym a bunch of times. I finished six books (a lot for me!). I bought myself some new music, including the Gary Clark Jr CDs. Counting the show tonight, I will have been to two concerts this month. Mostly, though, I have watched movies. I really love movies but I noticed that I hadn't watched very many in the past few months whether I was at home or going to the cinema. That changed this month. I saw watched 15 movies in July! We saw four movies at the cinema. Finally! Some good movies, or at least movies I was interested in paying regular prices for were released. The other eleven were on video or on TV. Of the 15 movies I watched, eight were movies I hadn't seen before.

There are some fun things coming up in August:

T will be back from California and he'll start classes at the University of Utah on the 22nd
My BFF LA will come down for a weekend to visit and go to a baseball game
I'm going to visit my sister in San Diego and we will also visit our parents
The Olympics start
MT and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary
We will see Ryan Adams in concert
Hopefully we will close on the fixer and celebrate a successful flip!

I'm sure there are some other things that I can't think of right now. I wasn't successful at writing every day because I missed two days, but I still feel good about it.

Gonna get ready for the concert now! Hope you had a good weekend. Talk to you in a couple of days!


I finished this book! Check out the 2016 Reading List page.

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