Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#1738 celebrating 23 years with live music

Yesterday MT and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. He sent a dozen lovely red roses to my office. They are still at my office, looking beautiful and making it smell really nice in there.

For our celebration, we went to see Ryan Adams in concert at Red Butte Garden. Adams is a singer-songwriter-musician. He puts out a lot of music. I especially love three of his albums, Heartbreaker, Gold and Easy Tiger.  He did at least two songs from each of those records, plus a bunch more and a truly gorgeous cover of Wonderwall that had the whole crowd singing along.

MT and I were a little better prepared for this concert than we were for the Gary Clark Jr. show. I had gone to Trader Joe's on Saturday and bought us some delicious picnic items. I got a Cubano wrap for MT and some roast beef, cheese and a ciabatta roll for myself. We had chips and salsa, some beers and some really tasty almond cookies for desert. Our seating wasn't quite as good as for the previous concert because we didn't have the wall to stop our slide down the slope, but it wasn't too bad. A fun bonus was that our friends Nicole and Austin were also at the show and sat by us!

The weather was wonderful. It was warm to start, but it cooled right down through the evening. We actually got a little chilly and we were glad we had a sheet to pull up over our legs. I was kind of sad that I hadn't brought a light jacket. It was fine though and we were happy and completely satisfied with our anniversary celebration.

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