Saturday, August 20, 2016

#1740 busy day

I had a busy morning. I went to WW - up a couple lbs and feeling cranky about it, but I know why it happened. From the meeting I went directly to the dentist for a cleaning.

I have the cutest hygienist. Her name is Karolyn and I haven't seen her in a year because she had a baby ten months ago. The last time I saw her, though, we talked about books and I told her about the book I had just finished reading, Cutting for Stone. I really liked the book and recommended it to her. Today she told me that she was reading Cutting for Stone and that she was enjoying it a lot. She said that reading it made her feel smarter. It made me giggle. I have felt that way about some books. I have also felt myself getting a little dumber when I read other books. I like that someone else feels the same way. The results of my appointment were that I need to go back to have some sealants put on (preventative dentistry) and get a filling. Boo.

From the dentist's office I came home and had a bite of breakfast. I didn't really want to since my teeth felt so clean and lovely, but my stomach was growling and I had a long afternoon ahead. I covered the morning docent shift for another volunteer today, so I spent over four hours in the Courtyard today. I got a lot of reading done, but I also chatted with guests and with today's tram driver, Nancy. The tram driver I usually work with, Jo Ann, broke her foot and isn't driving anymore. Nancy was charming and funny. We talked about  things like NPR, our kids and our husbands (her husband passed away a few years ago - in fact, the anniversary of his death was yesterday and she was understandably a little emotional).

When I got home, I watched the end of the Brasil/Germany gold medal soccer match, then I had to take a nap. It felt nice to nap! I made T's favorite dinner (chicken enchiladas in sour cream sauce) but he wasn't home to have any. I thought he would be here. MT liked the enchiladas a lot, though. After dinner I have been reading and looking at the Olympics. Quiet night at home.

I'm now in official countdown mode for a mini-vacation to California. I'll be leaving for San Diego on Thursday morning. I'm super excited to visit my sister and see her new apartment in downtown San Diego! I'm looking forward to walking around down there and checking out her new neighborhood. Over the weekend Lizzie and I will drive up to Mom and Dad's house for a visit and some R&R. There's just something about being at Mom and Dad's house that is restful. It's a good place.


I read these two books. Check out the 2016 Reading List page.

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Kteach said...

I bet T was sad he missed your delicious enchiladas!