Sunday, September 18, 2016

#1761 bonus day off

When I got to work on Friday, there was an unpleasant surprise. The water main to the building was broken and there was no water in the either of the buildings. That's not cool. No water = no potties, no coffee, no tea, no drinking water. We have bottled water available, but what good is drinking water if you can't relieve yourself? Technically you could use the bathroom, but EWWWW.

After consultation with various entities, my boss Scott learned that the water main break might not be repaired at all on Friday. The county said that they might not be able to get a crew out to the building until Saturday and they would do their best to have water to us by Monday. Based on the info, Scott decided that we could go home or stay at the office. Porta-potties and washing stations were being brought in. I didn't have much on a calendar for the day, so like everyone else in the admin department, we went home. Bonus off day!!

I thought about things I could do. I've been thinking about getting a new car, so I could use the bonus day to go test driving. I need to record blooms at Red Butte Garden and it was a nice day, so I could go up there and get in some volunteer time. I could definitely spend some time cleaning the house and "tidying up". Our potential lender needs a bunch of paperwork, so I could gather all that up and scan everything and send it over to him.

In the end, though, I chose to use the bonus free day in the spirit in which it came to me: I did nothing of importance or usefulness. I binge watched some Gilmore Girls. I read. I napped. When MT got home, we drove out to the giant Scheels store so he could get some pants. It was a total throw-away day and I really loved it!

My friend Nicole stayed at the office and texted me sometime on Friday between 11 and 1 that the water had come back on. I felt kind of guilty that I had jumped ship, but there was no way I was going back. I was in full relaxation mode by that time.

Are you wondering if I did any of those "I could do this" things over the weekend?  I did gather the paperwork and I did put in some volunteer hours.

The lesson I learned from the bonus day off is this - when you get a gift, like a bonus day off, enjoy it! It doesn't happen very often, so why not just goof off and give yourself a break? It was good for me :)


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