Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#1800 back from NOLA with a cold and an expanding real estate empire

Hey y'all! Lizzie and I are back from our incredible/awesome/fun vacation in New Orleans. I hope you enjoyed my two posts from "the road." I enjoyed writing them and would have continued with it, but on Saturday we got back to the room very late and on Sunday, well on Sunday I was in no shape to do any writing anywhere. ;) Monday was just a big fat travel day and when we got home I was beat, so there was nothing for it but to get some sleep.

I picked up a little somethin' somethin' while on vacation: a cold, of course. I'm all sniffl-y and stuffy and my throat hurts just a little and every part of me is tired. I put my whole heart and soul into vacation, and my body pays the price - mostly my nose since I have to blow or wipe it all the dang time.  I'll be ok though. I've got a little time now to recover over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today was a pretty huge day for me and MT. We signed closing documents and picked up keys to TWO properties today. Two houses to fix and flip. Ay yi yi. It's gonna be ok. Right? MT has a plan and he is ready to proceed and it's gonna be ok. Better than ok - it's gonna be great! I'll be showing step by step of the renovations as we go. Stay tuned for that.

Speaking of photos, of course I took many many photos in New Orleans, but I haven't downloaded them yet, but here's one to hopefully tantalize you:

When you think of the French Quarter, is this not the image you get? And it's real! I saw it many times. It's the corner of St. Peter and Royal.

Lots more where that came from, friends! I'll try to put more photos up here when I can. I say that because Lizzie is here this week and there is still some fun to be had, I hope!


Kteach said...

Take care of your cold and rest, both of you, and congratulations on the houses :)
Nice picture too !

emtes said...

I am so looking forward to see what you do to the houses :-) The last one you did was so amazing.
I am a bit behind in reading I admit but now I'm catching up :-) So I suppose your cold is gone now ;-)
I hope you have a great 3d Advent.
Hugs to you all <3
Love you and miss you! You are too far away.