Friday, November 18, 2016

#1799 NOLA day 2

We had a weird start to the day. We went to breakfast at The Old Coffee Pot. Great food, terrible service. It's like the lady who served us resented our patronizing the restaurant. I saw her be all kinds of nice and genial and almost playful with another table, then nearly rude to people at another table. At least she wasn't rude to us, just extremely indifferent. It was a weird vibe. It kind of put us off our game.

We wanted to go to City Park and kind of got lost. It took us awhile to figure out the streetcar thing and the weird vibe continued. We did get to the park and we looked around a little but we didn't spend too much time there. My knee was hurting so we took an Uber to Parkway Bakery for lunch. We had po'viy sandwiches and the food restored our faith in New Orleans. It was easy to find the streetcar stop and we got back to the hotel without incident.

This afternoon we rested a little before heading out for the evening. Our first stop was Laffitte's Blacksmith Shop bar in the French Quarter. We had a beer and people-watched. After that, we strolled through the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood to have dinner at the Marigny Brasserie. Best meal we've had so far! Plus there was live music, so it was a bonus. We walked down Frenchmen Stret, stopping to check out local artists markets. We had custom poetry written for us on the spot. We heard all kinds of live music being played in almost every bar on the street - blues, jazz, R & B, rock. It was awesome!

We continued up Frenchmen Street until we got to Jackson Sqaure, then hit Royal Street to get back to the hotel. Along the way we came upon a full traditional jazz band playing in the street for a wedding. The bride and groom were dancing in front of the band, then they started a parade which turned up Royal. We fell in behind the wedding guests, so we were technically in a second line parade! So fun!!

So even though the day started off not great, I think we closed it out with a lot of joy. Here's hoping tomorrow is fantastic start to finish.

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Kteach said...

So far but for some minor things, it seems like you're having fun and eating well!