Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#1813 a win for me

T has a record player that he hasn't used in...I actually don't know if he has ever used it, come to think of it. He said that it didn't work. MT tried to fiddle with it, but nothing happened and he also declared that it was broken and worthless. I asked them a bunch of questions about it, but they both insisted that it didn't work.

Tonight I had a few minutes, so I decided to mess around with it. Do I even have to say it? I got the record player and the CD player to work just fine. I felt pretty damn good about this small triumph.

T is at work so I texted him that his record player works just fine. He seemed pleased. I offered to show him how it works sometime.

When MT got home, I told him I had "fixed" the record player. He seemed skeptical until I played Bob Marley's Legend LP and started dancing around T's room. I felt like a boss!

After my pathetic attempts with technology on Sunday which resulted in tears and some tossing of soft items (clothes), it felt good to figure out what was going on with that record player. I didn't even have to work hard for the win. I just had to figure out the buttons and knobs, but I did it, so I win!!

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Kteach said...

Well if it is the record player we got him, I'm glad is working now because I got him some vinyl he asked for Christmas. Good job.