Monday, April 10, 2017

#1850 simple pleasure Monday: baseball on the radio

I enjoy almost all sports. My favorite sport is dictated by the season because I really love football in the fall; I adore the NBA playoffs in the spring and summer is all about baseball. Right now basketball and baseball are overlapping, which is fun.

I will listen to any sport on the radio, but for me, the absolute best radio sport is baseball. There is time in between pitches or hitters for the announcers to talk to each other and tell stories. The announcers get excited when something happens and I like to hear them break down the game. I get a really clear picture of what is going on out on the field when I listen on the radio. Plus, I can work and still listen. It's not like basketball where there is pretty much non-stop action. Baseball on the radio is a total simple pleasure for me.

The problem has been that it can be hard to find baseball games on the radio here. I tried last season and it was challenging because there were some black-outs and you had to subscribe or it wouldn't stream for whatever reason. This year I solved that problem by purchasing myself a little gift. For a mere $20 plus tax for the year, I subscribed to At Bat. Through the app, I can listen to any baseball game that is on AND I can choose whose team's radio crew to listen to. For example, I listened to the Padres/Dodgers game last week. I chose to listen to the Padres radio network. Today I listened to the Giants/D-backs with the SF radio station.  I have listened to a game just about every day at work. It's been great. I can honestly say that I will definitely get my money's worth out of that $20.

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