Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#1863 WW Wednesday: a haiku

I didn't go to the Weight Watchers meeting last Saturday. I have an excuse: I was at the dentist. I know! Who goes to the dentist on Saturday morning? This girl does. It was just a cleaning, but I hadn't been for over six months. My appointment was originally scheduled in January, but I couldn't go because of the knee surgery. You have to be super careful about preventing infection in the new knee, so any dental work has to be completed prior to surgery or at least three months after. A fun fact about having knee implants is that I have to take antibiotics prior to any dental work, even a cleaning.

Just because I didn't attend the meeting certainly doesn'' mean I don't have any thoughts to share about WW or the plan or my life on the plan. I mean, I have a big old hairy goal I put out on the interwebs that I am focused on achieving, so I think about food ALL. THE. TIME.

Today as I was strolling through the office, I noticed that I didn't feel as jiggly overall. It was a pleasant feeling. Bridget Jones (the fictional character in Bridget Jones's Diary) referred to her "wobbly bits" and being embarrassed about her boyfriend seeing those wobbly bits. I've always enjoyed that description. Well, today I didn't feel like my wobbly bits were quite as wobbly.

I was moved to write a haiku.

Walking, I noticed
Less jiggle; jeans felt looser
Non-scale victory!

I'm no poet (that's my sister's thing), but these three lines made me smile. 

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Lizzie Wann said...

well-done on all counts!