Friday, June 30, 2017

#1901 a nice compliment

I was talking to my friend J at work today. We were just BSing about life. We started talking about our weekend plans. The company we work for is closed on Monday AND Tuesday for the 4th of July, so we have a bonus four-day weekend that everyone was looking forward to. He and his family are going to the lake for a few days, so we talked about the things they do there.

We don't have any plans for the weekend, I told him. On Saturday I will spend a few hours at Red Butte Garden doing the volunteer thing. He asked me what I did exactly and I explained about the docent work and the wedding event stuff and the bloom recording part. I talked about how happy it makes me to be at the garden and how spending time there has helped me through some tough times in the past year.

J got kind of a funny look on his face and he said, "You know, Sandy, I don't think that many people know just how cool you are. You do interesting things and you go cool places and you're low-key about it and you're just a cool person."

I'm pretty sure I blushed because the way he said it made me believe that he really meant it. I'm about as far from cool as a person can be, so it made me feel good to hear that I person I think is cool thinks I'm cool, too.

It's just a silly thing, but it has made me smile all day.


Pappy1 said...

He was spot on.

Lizzie Wann said...

don't sell yourself short, sister dear! you are super cool!

Kteach said...

That's a cool thing to hear :)