Thursday, September 20, 2012

#772 open condom store

If you are one of the seven people on the planet who does not know about the Gangnam Style phenomenon, here's your chance to climb on the PSY bandwagon. This tune totally gets in your head. If my knee allowed it, I would be doing that pony move all over my house!

I know how to do that pony move, too, because I watched the Ellen show where PSY himself taught Brittney Spears and Ellen how to do it. When Ellen told Brittney to take off her high heeled shoes to do the dance, PSY told her no. The secret is to:

T and I have listened to and watched the video a bunch of times (tonight alone) and we think it kind of sounds like he is saying "Open condom store." Thinking that is what he's saying makes us laugh almost as much as the song itself.

You can buy the song on iTunes, but I don't know if I'd like it as much just to listen to it without seeing the video.  So please, take four minutes and thirteen seconds and enjoy a little pop culture, 2012 style.

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emtes said...

I was one of the 7 on this planet who hadn't seen it but I loved it :-) So funny. Are you gonna try to dance that way when you're healed?
Looked like lot of fun and excercise too fot that matter.
You're doing so good and even lost pounds which is extremely good since you haven't been able to excercise as usual.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Take care! Give Tristan a hug from me (if you still can ;-) since he's in his teens and they tend to not wanting those hugs then)
Big hug for you, love you
Mia :-)