Friday, November 23, 2012

#816 a long drive home and a fun night at the Jazz game

We are back in SLC now. We left Poky around noon and we came back through Logan. Why? Because MT has been re-assigned to a job here in the Salt Lake Valley. That's the good news. The bad news is that the assignment should only last a couple of days, and then we don't know where he will be sent. We had to stop in Logan to pick up his tools from the hospital project so he'll be ready to go on Monday at the new place.

Because of the stop in Logan, our trip back took us about an extra hour, but it was a nice drive. The weather was very good and the drive down Sardine Canyon was pretty.

When we got home, we all chilled out for awhile until it was time to go to the Jazz game. :D We picked up T's friend Ruben and headed to the arena. There were not of lot of guests in the suite tonight, so it was nice and relaxed. The Jazz were playing the Sacramento Kings and our team got off to a slow start. They rallied though, and came back to win the game in the closing seconds on a great shot by one of my favorite players, Gordon Hayward.

This cool photo is from the TSN website.

It was way fun to be at the game, especially when they win! The Jazz were down by about 10 points with around four minutes to go, and I'm sorry to say I had my doubts about whether they could come back. It was great to see it happen! The crowd, that was pretty quiet for most of the game, really came to life as the Jazz started to make some points and get stops on the defensive end. When Hayward hit the game-winning shot with about four seconds left, the place went crazy. Of course, Sacramento still had four seconds to try to tie the game. Four seconds doesn't seem like much, but it's plenty of time to get a shot off. Fortunately, they missed the shot and the Jazz got the victory. YAY!!

Here's a pic I took at the game:

I'm pleased that it is only Friday night and I've still got two whole days to relax and have fun and do stuff. First item on my agenda: load up my Christmas music on my iPods. For some reason, I am really looking forward to listening to Christmas tunes. Second item on the agenda: get my large American ass to the gym and get back on the exercise bandwagon. My God. I'm pretty sure I've gained at least five pounds in the past few days. I feel like crap. It's not a nice feeling.

Ok, that's all for tonight. Happy Friday!

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