Thursday, December 12, 2013

#1070 warming up my body and soul

Ahhh...I am starting to thaw out. The thaw began when I stepped off a plane this evening in Long Beach. I lik the Long Beach airport. It's kind of old school - there's no jetway, you just walk out of the plane onto the tarmac.  So I walked out of the plane and the temperature was mild and there was some moisture in the air and it felt wonderful!

I'm here to spend the weekend with my parents. I haven't seen them for a few months and I was missing them. My sister will also be here this weekend, so that's fun. I brought T with me, too. I didn't tell my mom that T was coming, so it was a fun surprise.

We are looking forward to a nice warm weekend. I'm also hoping that I will get a dose of the Christmas spirit this weekend. For whatever reason, I am deeply uninterested in Christmas this year. Even Michael Buble has failed to generate any enthusiasm for the holiday. I watched The Santa Clause the other day and...nothing. MT put up our tree the other day and I was ambivalent. What is wrong with me?!

What can I do to get in the mood for the holiday? Any ideas?

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