Monday, March 31, 2014

#1151 not good at eating or sleeping

OY! I don't feel so good. I haven't been eating well and I haven't been sleeping well either. Maybe these events are related?

On Saturday I had a bit of pampering. I had my brows groomed, a manicure and a pedicure. Glorious! When I got home, MT and T had had some lunch, so I got myself a burger and fries (one of my favorite food combos.) About an hour after I ate, MT's mom called. They were one their way back from their vacation in Arizona and were about an hour away from our house. Did we want to go to dinner? Yes. We went to Noodles and Company and I didn't eat the whole plate of noodles, but enough to feel overly full.

I stayed up late on Saturday and watched SNL. I wasn't going to, but T talked me into it. Louis CK was teh host. His monolog/stand-up routine was good, but some of the skits made me say, "Huh?" And I did not enjoy the vocal stylings of the musical guest, Sam someone.

In morning I got up much earlier than I thought I should. We went out for breakfast with Jake and Linda before they left for home. I ate a whole bunch of breakfast. I was full and kind of miserable all day. I didn't eat a real meal the rest of the day, just snacks here and there. At night I had a tough time falling asleep, then I woke up at 3AM all hot and sweaty. I might be getting ready to go through the change :(

Today MT and I had lunch together - a rare occurrence, but we were celebrating. We sold one of our rentals and signed the the papers today at noon! We are planning to use the proceeds to buy another property to rent or flip. It's MT's thing. I just do the paperwork. We ate at Chipotle. Yummy.

Tonight my house is full of teenage boys. Well, there's three of them which is two more than usual, so full for me. I am happy they are here. We went to the grocery store and they bought some snack provisions for the evening. It's spring break, so they are sleeping over here. They also wanted burgers, so we got burgers and fries.  Now I'm sitting here holding my gut and lamenting my poor decisions.

Tomorrow is another day to work on making better choices and getting back on track.

As far as the not being able to fall asleep and the night sweats and waking up randomly, not sure what to do about that. Hopefully that will work itself out.

I finished a book! Check out the 2014 Reading List page.

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Kteach said...

I hope you feel better :)
Love you!