Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#1152 I want flowers

If this adage is true and the rest of April is as soggy as the first couple of days have been, Salt Lake will be the most beautiful blooming city in the nation!

I am having the urge to plant something. I really love flowers and plants, but I am not very good at taking care of them. My parents have such a nice backyard. My mom plants lots of flowers in the ground and in pots. My dad keeps the grass watered and really green and nice. My in-laws also have a lovely backyard. They don't have as many plants as my folks do, but what their yard is awesome to hang out in. They have a huge deck with lots of comfy furniture. It's really nice to sit out there and read and enjoy the quiet. My parent's yard is really quiet too.

My yard is not quiet. We live on a busy road and you can hear the cars all the time. Our yard is fenced, but it's chain link, so there is no privacy. Several years ago, my dad built a wooden fence that blocks off part of the yard from the road. He also built a deck. I enjoy sitting in my back yard a bit more now that I can't actually see the cars, and the wooden fence did help muffle the road noise a little.

We don't have any trees in our back yard. We've tried planting a couple, but it didn't work out well. I flat out killed one when I was attempting to whack some weeds and the machine kind of got away from me and I hacked up a beautiful little Japanese maple we had planted. The other tree - I don't know why it didn't survive.

The fence dividing our yard from the next door neighbor's yard is chain link, too. When we are all sitting outside, we can totally see what each other is doing. We can't talk, though, because our yards are large and we can't hear each other over the road noise anyway. Plus, their dog is quite old and she's at that stage where she stands in the middle of the yard and barks at nothing and everything. Poor old Piper.

I love to be outside, though! I really want to say that this is the year I will plant some flowers and take care of them. I have a lot of space to plant, but none of the space is ready for planting and I'm not sure I have the dedication to make it all happen. I want to do it, but gosh! It's soooooo much work! Maybe I'll start with a pot of geraniums on the deck and go from there. I have all these visions dancing in my head, thanks to Pinterest, so we'll see how it goes.

Of course I will have to wait for the rain and snow to let up, then I'll have to bundle myself up in a wind-proof jacket or sweater and some gloves because it's pretty chilly.

I'll probably garden about as much as I walk. :(

Oh well. A girl can dream, right?

I do think the pot of geraniums is an attainable goal.

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