Friday, April 4, 2014

#1153 home alone

I'm home alone tonight, watching the Jazz game on TV while MT and T are at the game. :( I have a cold, so I chose to stay home tonight and gave MT my ticket. You know I don't feel well if I didn't go to the Jazz game. And it was a lower bowl seat! Oh well. I hope the boys are enjoying themselves. I'm sure MT is having a big ol' dish of ice cream. I never buy anything for T and I when we are there. We just watch the game.

Today was Dip Day at work. People bring their favorite finger foods to share with everyone. It's fun. There's lots of variety and people enjoy it. We all kind of try to outdo each other. We are a competitive group.

I made a bacon jalapeno cheese ball. I found a recipe on Pinterest. (Pinterest has really broadened the dip day options for everyone.) I struggle with jalapenos, as I've written about before. Now I wear disposable latex gloves when I handle fresh jalapenos. Even so, some juice flew up on my wrist above the gloves and it made my skin itch and burn a little. The cheese ball was good. I should have put more shredded cheese in it. It wasn't the most popular dip. Maybe people thought it was too spicy? I didn't think it was. One of the things that was really good was bacon wrapped pineapple with a honey sriracha dipping sauce. The bacon/pineapple was baked for about 30 minutes until the bacon was crispy. YUM! Sweet, salty, a little spicy with the sauce. It was a little flavor explosion in my mouth. I would like to make those one day.

That's all I've got to say tonight. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I plan to lounge, hopefully kick this cold out of my system, watch basketball and probably to see Captain America. Have fun, peeps!

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Kteach said...

I hope you get a nice rest this weekend and get over the cold. Try to stay home because that rainy cold weather is not good for a cold. Just take it easy, you need the rest.
Besos, mama