Thursday, February 26, 2015

#1376 throwback Thursday: Palm Island

This photo was taken five years ago on Palm Island, one of the islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I would have to say that even after all the amazing and beautiful places we have been, Palm Island was one of my favorite vacations. Everything about it was great. The resort was relaxing, small and intimate. The resort was the only thing on the island. Only one couple lived on the island permanently, the doctor/artist and his wife. The food was good. The service was excellent. The beach was magnificent. The room was comfortable, spacious and luxurious. We met some wonderful people who we hung out with the whole week and we really enjoyed their company.

The photo above sums up the week for me. The resort provided this rickety old bikes which I would ride around the island every day. My typical routine was to have some breakfast then go for a ride. Most of the time MT came with me. The island was pretty small, so it didn't take long to ride on the trail around the perimeter so you could see all the beaches (there are five). It always felt so good to be out riding, even if the bikes were a little scary. The brakes were sketchy and the chains were a little rusty and the seats were coming apart a bit, but it was the best time!

In 2010, I was at my lowest weight, so looking back at this photo gives me warm fuzzy memories of a wonderful vacation and being fit and healthy.


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