Saturday, March 14, 2015

#1391 Saturday matinee: Cinderella

There is no explaining how much I LOVED watching Cinderella. It was beautiful and magical and perfect. I might go see it again tomorrow because I loved it that much.

Where should I start? From the opening scene, I was entranced with how beautifully filmed the movie was. The location was spectacular. The story differed a little from the fairy tale, but it worked for me. (Although I was sad there was no Bruno.)

The actors were all wonderful and lovely. The costumes were exquisite. The ballroom scene was breathtaking.

I know. I'm gushing. I just really loved it.

The fairy godmother. Just the right amount of ditzy and wonderful.

The prince was hot. Great smile.

Cinderella was gorgeous.

But Cate Blanchett though as the stepmother. Every time she was on the screen, it was like no one else was there. I couldn't stop looking at her. She's fantastic.

The costumes - have I mentioned the costumes? Every one made me say "Wow".  The blue dress was spectacular. It floated and sparkled and was dreamy in every way.

The ball scene was my absolute favorite. Look at all the dresses. Beautiful!

But my favorite dress...that dress at the end - the wedding dress. It was so beautiful I almost teared up.  My goodness. I loved loved loved it. Could it be any more perfect?

The movie was a feast for the eyes and for a girl like me who loves the Disney fairy tales, it was perfect.

I almost forgot! Before the actual film even started, there was a wonderful Frozen featurette that was GREAT. Elsa was throwing Anna a birthday party, then Elsa caught a cold. Every time she sneezed, little snowmen came out of her (that doesn't sound appealing, but it really was cute). There was a peppy Frozen song and everyone was there and it was awesome.

When I was thinking of writing about the movie, I was going to be a little more mellow about it, but then I started looking for the pics and got all caught up in it again. Sorry to be so girly and gush-y. was just so wonderful :)

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