Monday, March 16, 2015

#1393 Monday night

Maybe I went a little overboard on my Cinderella post the other day because the first thing Kelsie said to me today was, "You sure loved yourself some Cinderella! I was laughing out loud reading that post."

I can't help it. When I like something, I LIKE it.

Not too much to say tonight. Back to work after a nice long weekend, and it was fine. I feel like things are going to pick up right quick at work. That's the way it goes. We're slow, we're slow then BOOM we're going hot and wishing for a bit of a slow-down.

I went to the spinning class tonight. I really like it. Today we used the video screen. The instructor chose the music, but we had a video to follow like we were riding along the California coast. We started out crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and then rode down along the coastal highway through Big Sur and down to Santa Barbara. It was nice scenery and a good ride.

I've been mixing up the classes I do to keep my body guessing and my mind from getting bored. So far so good. :)

One more thing...I'm loving the Utah Jazz! Since the all-star break, the team is 11-2. I think that's the best record in the NBA since the break. They are on a six game winning streak and have been playing beautiful basketball. The overall record is 30-36, still below .500, but better than last year when they only won 25 games. Improvement!


I finished this book today. Please check out the 2015 Reading List page.

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