Saturday, March 21, 2015

#1398 basketball watching and other stuff

Whoo. I just remembered I haven't written anything today, so I decided to take a few minutes away from basketball to say hi.


I was happy and excited today by my 1 lb weight loss! I thought I'd have a gain because I ate out a lot this week. But...I did go to three classes at the gym and the nights I go to the gym I don't eat much when I get home because I'm so wiped out I can basically only manage a glass of milk and some toast.

T and I spent some time together this afternoon. We took care of his car. We had the oil changed and had it cleaned. I need to take my car over to the car wash. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

This evening MT and I watched the Runnin' Utes play against Georgetown in the NCAA tournament. Utes win!! On to the Sweet Sixteen next weekend! Yahoo!

Now I'm flipping back and forth between the Jazz game and the last NCAA game of the day between Notre Dame and Butler. It's been a good one.

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