Sunday, March 22, 2015

#1399 feeling mellow on Sunday

I rarely set my alarm on Sunday. It's the one day of the week when I just let myself wake up whenever my eyes open. I try never to rush on Sunday. I just putter around, do some stuff around the house. There are two things that happen at a certain time that I plan around: yoga at 11am and the show Once Upon a Time at 7pm. Other than that, I let the time flow by and enjoy the day.

That is exactly how today went. I woke up around 8:30. I spent some time paying our bills and checking our balances. I went to yoga. I had some lunch and took a nice shower. I read. I watched basketball. I went to the grocery store and enjoyed my favorite chai latte from Starbucks as I shopped. I read some more, watched some more basketball, made dinner and watched OUAT. MT and I watched an episode of Scandal OnDemand. I did a couple of loads of laundry.

It's been such a nice day!

What's coming up this week that I'm looking forward to? Well, I have jury duty this week. There's no jury court tomorrow, so I have to call tomorrow night to see if I have to show up at court on Tuesday. At work, we have a lien law seminar on Tuesday. Don't know if I'm looking forward to that as much as it's on my schedule. Thursday I have a hair appointment. I spent a little time looking at Pinterest for style ideas. All in all, a pretty mellow week, I think.

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