Monday, April 6, 2015

#1411 Opening Day and Championship Monday

Today is a wonderful sports day! It's Opening Day of baseball season and it's the last day of NCAA men's basketball.

I just finished watching the National Championship game: Wisconsin and Duke were playing for the title. I didn't have either one in the finals in my bracket, so I didn't have a dog in the race, so to speak, but I watch anyway. It was a good game. I was hoping Wisconsin would be able to pull it out and win, but Duke was too strong in the end. It's funny because even though I wanted the Badgers to win, I was happy for the guys on the Duke team. They were so happy and smile-y. Good job outta Duke.

Because I was watching basketball, I didn't watch any baseball, but there's 162 games in the season, so I'm pretty sure I'll be watching games throughout the summer. I want to make a point to get out to the local ballpark this summer, too. Maybe even a trip to San Diego to see the Padres this summer? It would be great!

In the NBA, the Jazz have five games left, I think. They won't make it to the play-offs this year, but it has been fun to watch the team grow. And the NBA playoffs are great, anyway.

One of the announcers of the college game tonight was Jim Nantz. That guy has the best job! There he was calling the game and presenting the trophy. Next he'll head over to Augusta, Georgia where he'll call The Masters golf tournament. Lucky Jim Nantz!

Ok, since I was just sitting here writing, I found a baseball game to watch for a few minutes: defending World Champs San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Giants are up 5-1 in the bottom of the 5th. I love baseball.

And basketball.

And football.

And sometimes soccer.

And golf.

Hockey? I like it during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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