Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#1412 finally...some rain

I'm so happy that it is raining a little today. It has been so dry that I think everyone felt relieved and happy to see the showers.

Plus, April showers bring May flowers! :)

It's weird when I write every other day. It feels like so long ago since I wrote, but it was just on Monday when I was watching the NCAA Championship game. And it's not like I have been busy doing really cool things on the day in between the writing. Last night I worked a little late, went to the grocery store and cleaned up the kitchen. Big fun at my house! MT watched TV, T did homework and I squeezed in a little reading.

Tonight, another late evening at work (I'm training a new employee and she hasn't hit her groove just yet). When I got home, I quickly put on some gym clothes and headed over to take the cardio kickboxing class. It was fun. The instructor is nice and energetic.  She is an apple-shape. She's kind of round. Her punching style is funny. Her arms kind of flail about because she's going so fast that her form isn't very pretty. I have to remember the sequences she calls out, "Jab! Cross! Hook! Upper!"  and not watch her because I can't tell what the hell punches she's doing. I still enjoyed the class. :)

I haven't been doing a very good job of getting to bed by 10 since the sleep challenge of our safety meeting. This month's challenge is getting in 64 oz of liquid every day. This one has been easy. It seems like I'm always sipping on something. The safety challenge organizers even said the 64 oz don't have to be just water. Any liquid is ok except for alcohol. Like I said, easy. I'm told the next challenge will be a lot harder. It will probably involve vegetables. I'll find out next week.

Speaking of challenges, Easter is over, so my Lenten fast from sweets is finished. I was really looking forward to having some Easter candy and I made a special trip to the store to buy what I wanted: a Reese's peanut butter cup egg. I bought some little Cadbury cream eggs for good measure. On Sunday afternoon I unwrapped the Reese's, smelled it and took a bite. It didn't taste very good. I put it down and walked away. About 20 minutes later, I took another bite. Still not good. I threw it away and left the candy at Linda's house. I did eat a cookie with lunch. It was all right. On Monday I had a cupcake that my friend Gabby made. That was good. 

I am going to make some cookies on Saturday or Sunday. I've had the recipe pinned (from Pinterest!) for about 45 days now and I think I'd like to make them, eat one (or maybe more?)  and get them out of my system.

When I think about the weight I've dropped in the past 40 days and the willpower I have demonstrated to myself, I think, "Why do you even want to have a sweet? You don't need it and you're doing so well." I just try to take it one day at a time and give myself something to look forward to.

I think what I want to try to do without is diet soda. It would be good to get out of that rut.

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