Saturday, April 18, 2015

#1417 hanging with the family

T and I got to Southern California on Thursday evening. I still didn't feel well. Everyone commented on how stuffy I sounded and not like in a "Hello Luvey" kind of stuffy. I was all nasal-y and yucky. I am taking some good meds now and I can feel them working, but I've been so stuffed up and yucky that it's taking time to get better.

On Friday we all took it easy in the morning. In the late afternoon we had Dad's birthday lunch at Panda Inn. The food was good and plentiful; the company was wonderful. We didn't do much in the evening, just watched TV and chatted.

Today is Saturday. I went to WW. Here's a bonus about being sick and eating nothing but toast for a few days: you drop LBs. I was down three pounds this week. Sheesh! I would dearly love to keep those pounds off, too.

Lizzie and I took Dad to dialysis, then the remaining four of us went to El Cholo for lunch. The filet mignon tacos there are about my favorite meal in the world. This afternoon, after picking Dad up and bringing him home, Lizzie and I went to see a movie, The DUFF. It's adorable and the people were attractive and fun to watch.

Now it's time to watch basketball and maybe even some Ghost Adventures. (It's Lizzie and my guilty pleasure!)

The weather has been beautiful and I have enjoyed sitting outside a little bit. I'm still pretty congested, but I am feeling better. My sinuses are draining and that is causing me to cough, which is annoying. I'll keep medicating and sooner or later I will be back to full strength.

Spending time with my family in California gives me special joy and I'm thankful for the days I get to hang out with them!


Kteach said...

It matches the special joy I get when you and Tristan and LIzzie are here!:)

Kteach said...

It matches the special joy I get when you and Tristan and LIzzie are here!:)

Lizzie Wann said...

it's awesome when we all get to hang out!