Sunday, November 22, 2015

#1553 out for a walk

First thing...I said I wouldn't talk about my health until I had taken all the meds. The last antibiotic and nasal spray treatment was taken last night, so I can now tell you that I feel a lot better! Hurray! The stuffiness is gone, the headache is gone. I still have a little sinus drainage, but the worst of the coughing fits are gone. The extreme fatigue is gone too and I'm super grateful to be feeling more like my old self.

Last night I wrote that I felt like I must get out for a walk today, so I did. I was planning to take Osi with me, but yesterday she had two seizures. One was at 3AM and the other was around noon. I was afraid a walk would excite her too much and bring on another seizure, which has happened before, so I went out on my own.

Not too far from where I live is a new-ish housing development that runs along the Jordan River Parkway (at least I think that's what it is). There are a couple of man-made lakes and the river walkway and that's where I decided to walk. It was pretty chilly, in the low 40s, but I bundled up and felt good. I wasn't out for very long and the best part - no coughing during the walk!

I took a couple of pics:

This first photo shows the river in the foreground and the Wasatch Front in the background. You can see it was a pretty day. Clear and cold.

I took this photo down at the edge of the lake looking back to the west toward the sun setting behind the Oquirrh mountains. 
As I was wandering around, I noticed a sidewalk that went through a neighborhood. This sidewalk goes along the river (?) and there are houses on either side. I would like to walk through here some more. The houses are very nice and it's really quiet, too.

Like I said, I wasn't out for very long. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and started walking. When the timer went off, I turned around and headed back to my car. It felt really good to get outside and stretch my legs. I listened to music and cleared my head and enjoyed the moment.

I hope you all had a good weekend! Talk to you tomorrow.

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