Monday, November 30, 2015

#1561 simple pleasure Monday

My simple pleasure today is cheap books, or even better, free books!

I borrow most of my reading material from the library. I'm fortunate in that the Salt Lake County library has a lot of ebooks and I can easily download them on my Nook for 21 days. I'm not sure what the last physical paper book I read was. I really like the convenience of the ereader. When I went to Barcelona, my Nook was loaded with books and I think I read three or four books while we were there, including the travel days.

The other cool thing is that Barnes and Noble has a Daily Find where they sell books for $4.99 to $1.99.  I've bought several cheap books, most of them I don't know anything about but they sound interesting. In the past few days, though, the Daily Find has been a book that I really wanted to read! I just bought Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I've read several of her books and I think she's a good writer. I've been wanting to read Fangirl for awhile. I had the digital copy on my wish list at the library and  I was really excited when it became available. Sadly, it was only available in Spanish and I knew it would take me more than 21 days to read it . B&N had it for $1.99 the other day - in English! - so I quickly downloaded it.

Today the Daily Find was another book that I am interested in, Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. It's the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite books and movies ever. I'm interested to read the sequel. I heard a little about it on NPR and it piqued my interest. Plus it was cheap!

Both of those books will have to wait, though, because I'm reading a good story right now, The Perfume Collector. I want to get through it promptly because I downloaded another book from the library at the same time, a book by Elin Hilderbrand. I have liked all of her books, some more than others, but still.

On the subject of books, did you see the Google doodle today? It shows doodles of Anne of Green Gables to honor L.M. Montgomery's birthday. I love the Anne of Green Gables books. My friend Joanne from work got me interested in them. She loves the books and always said I reminded her of Anne because we both have red hair :) I think I may re-read the Anne books next year. They are just so sweet.

There you go, the last post of the month! I enjoyed writing every day and I think there was only one day (last Saturday) that I wussed out because I didn't have anything to say. I'll be writing every other day in December starting on Wednesday. I'm sure I'll be full of fun and interesting things to share. Or not, but come back anyway, ok? :)

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